Light Microscope Types

A light microscope is one of the most simple of all the microscopes used for viewing images. The history of microscopy has shown that the Renaissance age offered folks a chance to see items more clearly with glass and light. These microscopes have come a long way in several hundred years time, and understanding the main types of microscopes that use light can help one to better link to the past of their ancestors.

Bright Field Microscope

This is one of the most popular types of a light microscope that are found in a school setting. Bright field microscopes are relatively simple to operate and include a light source that can go through the object being viewed. They have two knobs that can be adjusted to better see the object. However, the quality can sometimes be distorted compared to many other types of microscopes, such as the stereo microscope. However, for a beginner, this is the perfect scope to help one see the world around them better.

Dark Field Microscopes

Amongst the other type of light microscopes that can be found in many labs is that of the dark field. These microscopes are great for viewing objects that would otherwise seem distorted with a bright field scope, such as cells and pond water. The small metazoans can be seen and distinguished easily when using this type of scope. The light is reflected by particles on the microscope slide. This allows for a more in depth study at a small cost compared to a scanning electron microscope.

A light microscope is great for budding scientists to begin their journey with science. By choosing the right type of light scope, one can see items that were before invisible. No matter if one uses a bright or dark field microscope, the fact that they are experimenting with microscopes for science study is outstanding and worth the cost. Light microscopy has forever been used to see items, it just happens to be more technologically advanced than it was three hundred years ago.